Membership Fees 2022

Adult Playing Membership

Full 7 Day£995
5 Day (Monday to Friday)  (This category is currently closed)£845
Age Related (Graduated annual increments from 18 to 35)£175 to £950

Junior Membership

Aged under 12£0.00
Aged 13 to 17 (Graduated annual increments) £50 to £150

Flexi Membership (new for 2022) 

Points system - initial allocation 400 points

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Off Peak 

After 2pm in Summer and noon in Winter (in line with the changing of the clocks)

7 Day£696
5 Day (Monday to Friday)£497

Country Membership  £350

For those living more than 50 miles from the club and already a member of another club.

Community Playing Membership - £450

The club is open to the whole community without discrimination including anyone who can demonstrate they cannot afford full membership will be entitled to join the club and participate fully at a cost of less than £520 to include insurance and free hire of equipment.

Academy Course Membership  £150

To play our six-hole Academy course and use of all practice and clubhouse facilities.  

Social Membership  £30 + £30 bar card

Use of the clubhouse facilities and club events. No access to golf course. 

  • All playing memberships are subject to insurance and affiliation fees to England Golf & Gloucestershire County associations. 
  • £30 will be added to all adult memberships, to be added to your bar card.
  • Monthly instalments are available for most membership packages.