Membership Fees

Adult Playing Membership

Full 7 Day£882.00
5 Day£688.00
Full 7 Day Family£1517.00
5 Day Family£1113.00
Aged 30 to 34£595.00
Aged 25 to 29£431.00
Aged 22 to 24£299.00
Aged 18 to 21£201.00

Juniors Membership

Aged under 18£64.00
Aged under 17£59.00
Aged under 16£54.00
Aged under 15£47.00
Aged under 14£42.00
Aged under 13£32.00
Aged under 12£27.00

Off Peak Membership - £440

Play any day after 2pm in the Summer and any day after noon in the winter as determined by the change in the clocks.

Country Membership - £300

For those living more than 25 miles from the club and who are already a member of another golf club.

PlayMoreGolf Flexible Membership - £325

Designed for the infrequent golfer, you can join our brand new flexible membership category. For £325, you receive 100 points; which are then deducted as and when you play golf. By becoming a PlayMoreGolf member, you can also play golf on over 100 courses across the UK, including Celtic Manor.

To find out more, please click here.

Community Playing Membership - £450

The club is open to the whole community without discrimination including anyone who can demonstrate they cannot afford full membership will be entitled to join the club and participate fully at a cost of less than £520 to include insurance and free hire of equipment.

Social Membership

Social Membership includes full use of the clubhouse facilities - £30.00 + VAT subscription plus £30 on your bar card. For further information on how to join please contact the Clubhouse Manager Matthew Davies.

Insurance and Golf Union fees

All playing memberships are subject to Insurance and Golf Union fees of up to £28 per person to be added to the above membership fees.

Please add £30 to the adult prices, this will be added to your bar card.